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Olive Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is the leading importer and independent distributor of a wide range of Electronic Components Such as Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Tantalum capacitors, Smd Capacitors, Chip capacitors, Screw terminal Capacitors, Poly Film Capacitors, X2 Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Super Capacitors of the Brands Such As Samwha , Dain, Gluxon ,Epcos , Elite, Capxon , Teapo , Nichicon Nippon-Chemi-Con, Rubycon Grp, Aishi for high end electronic product manufacturing Lighting-products, Online-UPs, P.A Systems, SMPS , Led drivers, Welding sets ,Inverters, Mobile Chargers ,Larger Battery Chargers Etc. we are associated with some of the top most companies in the industry.

Olive is an authorized distributor of Daewoo Electronic Components Co.Ltd, & Illinois which is a globally recognized company. Based on the Think Green Concept Eco-Friendly, our products are ROHS manufactured with less carbon contents, which help in reducing the emission of harmful gases in environment.

Apart from this, our offered spares and components are also preferred for their highly engineered designing and high efficiency. These E-components are procured from the above reputed manufactures having all approvals, who are selected by our expert professionals after doing rigorous surveys of the market. we provide short lead time & exclusive quality with competitive prices and we have become the preferred choice of our customers.

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