OLIVE ELECTRONICS PVT.LTD a leading importer and supplier Electronic Components mainly Electrolytic Capacitors,Leds of Various Bands from Japan, Korea and Taiwan to the Indian Electronic Industry Since 2004.

Olive Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is Authorized by Daewoo Electronic Components Co.,Ltd as an Official Distributor For India. Covering Aluminum Electrolytic & Tantalum Capacitors. We welcome your inquires forall types of E-caps (SMD,Radial,Snapin Type, screw types & Tantalum capacitors). We also Supply Led with high quality.Please send us your requirements with Specifications.

Our Motive is to provide The Best Quality,Best Price & Best Services to our Customers
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Olive Electronics Private Limited
Mr. Sukhbir Chauhan
Managing Director

Address: Plot No. 23,24, Pocket G3, Sector 11,
Rohini, New Delhi - 110085

Cell: 91-9811283204,

Email: info@olivelectronics.com
Website: www.olivelectronics.com

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